Christian Louboutin to unveil Cinderella-inspired glass slippers

Disney has captured the fantasies of children and adults alike with tales like Cinderella. With the movie scheduled to release on Blu-ray and DVD this fall, French shoe-maker Christian Louboutin has come up with a fantastic way to celebrate the same. The renowned crafter of shoes will design and sculpt a pair of “glass slippers”, fashioned to replicate the shoes worn by the protagonist of the fairy tale, Cinderella herself! Also, the celebrated shoe-maker will add a touch of his own to the shoes, giving those anticipating to sport a pair of their own a lot more to look forward to! Also, according to Louboutin, Cinderella has been emblematic to both, the world of shoe-making and the fantasy world alike, and a shoe crafted around this pumpkin-travelling fairytale character is bound to have the fashion world interested.

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