Christian Louboutin’s Pilule clutch is shaped like a pill

As much as we love fashion, we have to admit that sometimes it is frivolous and ridiculous. Belonging in this category is Christian Louboutin’s Pilule clutch. Celebrating 20 years in fashion is a huge milestone, but we don’t understand doing it with this particular capsule-shaped clutch. The Pilule measures 3.9″W x 7.5″ x 3.9″ deep and is colored exactly like a capsule with half of blue and white. The material is 100% resin, and the clutch is only available in limited quantities. It retails for a shocking price of $6,995, and we fail to understand why and what warrants such a steep tag. For that price, we admit Louboutin’s capsule Pilule is a hard pill to swallow.

[Available at Christianlouboutin]

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