Christmas Gift for sunny days – The Thomas Erber tortoiseshell sunglasses

If you thought that the sunglasses collection from Oakley were the most expensive in the world, well, have a look at the”Thomas Erber” tortoiseshell sunglasses. At $5572, it beats Oakley not only in the big price department but in exclusivity as well. From the elite Cabinet de Curiosités, this pair is a part of the exclusive collection of sunglasses, designed especially by the ace designer, Thomas Erber. Edited in three copies only: a model in tortoiseshell, one in buffalo horn and gold, and the third in acetate and lacquer, the frames used in this are equipped with photochromic glasses. This means each pair can ably take you everywhere – from the sea to the sand to the boardroom.

But what really makes these shades special is the 60s inspired design that effectively protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays while giving you’re the mystic aura of the golden years’ celluloid stars.

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