Christmas Gift for the watch collector – Tourbillon cufflinks from TF Est. 1968

Cufflinks are said to be a part of the dress code of very august men, but today it is a style statement in the world of men’s accessories. And if you are an ardent watch lover, then you must get your hands on this stunning Tourbillon cufflinks called the TF Est. 1968 cufflinks. The cufflinks are 20mm in diameter and weight 24 grams. Set inside a steel case and adorned with carbon details, the cufflinks are air, water shock resistant these are available in two materials, first up in stainless steel with brushed or polished carbon backing or a polished PVD with silver carbon backing and secondly plated in gold, rose gold with silver carbon backing or yellow gold with black carbon backing. But I can’t wait for a chocolate PVD version which should be out soon. yumm

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