Clique Chic creates the world’s most luxurious shopping experience

Once restricted to haughty attendants at posh hotels and restaurants, personal concierge services are moving into the mainstream. Let’s admit it, consumers have too little time to invest in, making choices in an over-competitive brand environment. With pressure to look good on the job, dates or on Facebook more than ever, it was only a matter of time before the one-on-one professional sartorial services were made available to consumers. Clique Chic, a members-only e-commerce experience is now open to provide liaison between you and your closet, by identifying trends, gauging fit and developing unique ensemble that will work for you.

At Clique Chic, personal stylists select the right trends and styles for each woman as well as guiding them throughout the entire shopping experience. Customers can enjoy all the benefits of personalization, exclusivity and superior service from the convenience of their phone, tablet, or computer. “Our aim is to create a true luxury experience, to translate the DNA of a luxury brand into something that can really make you feel the same way as entering that maison and interacting with the brand,” the site’s founder Jessica Martino was quoted as saying.

Clique Chic also lets you create a public profile and lets you share your preference as well as potential purchases with your network. Find out more about how you can get an individually styled designer look on the Clique Chic’s website.

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