Clive Christian No 1 perfume celebrates the brands 15th Anniversary

British designer Clive Christian has announced the launch of its limited edition fragrance No 1 15th to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the iconic ‘Clive Christian No. 1’ perfume. The No. 1 perfume was created by the perfume house to be the absolute best in class and was recognized by the Guinness World Records as ‘The World’s Most Expensive Perfume’ in 2003. It has ever since become something of a tradition to commemorate occasions with Clive Christian No. 1 perfume special editions. Whether it was the release of 10 limited edition bottles of the No. 1 Imperial Majesty or 500 gold bottles released for the Queen’s Jubilee, the celebrated olfactory has led way for many creative designs.

This year for its 15th anniversary, Clive Christian has decided to take the house’s signature crystal flacon and lacquer it with white gold, to symbolize the delicate facets of the complex perfume. The bottle comes complete with a distinctive gold stopper. The limited edition collection will be limited to 1000 pieces only, 500 for men (Woody Oriental) and 500 for women (Floral Oriental). Each of the 50 ml bottle will hold a more richer, concentrated versions of the No. 1 perfume.

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The limited edition fragrance is available for €1,200 ($1,635).