Clive Christian’s latest fragrance duo inspired by Magnolia and eternal flowers

Perfume connoisseur Clive Christian’s most recent fragrance concoctions are indeed our favourite and here’s why! Inspired by Magnolia and eternal flowers, VIII Rococo Magnolia and VIII Rococo Immortelle have been it’s way to retail stores after 2016’s Cosmos Flower and Rock Rose editions, an eclectic part of the Noble VII collection.

Undoubtedly the Clive Christian’s collection is experiencing a swell in the last 2 years and well, an intriguing focus has been made on specific ingredients. We hear their concoctions are prepared using the most precious, lavish and exclusive elements. Besides the two Rococo themed fragrances, the Clive Christian collection gets one more edition for 2017 created for another line, X Twist Collection from 2016.

More about Christian’s Noble VIII collection, well it “encapsulates the charm, lyricism and style of the Rococo movement” and entails two editions in black bottles in a distinctive design. The Magnolia edition is inspired by magnolia itself and opens with fresh citruses (bergamot and mandarin orange) lightened with fresh currant leaves. Sandalwood and oakmoss build the base of the composition.

VIII Rococo Magnolia is available in bottles of 50 ml as a Parfum Spray at the price of $550 USD.


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