Clive Christian No.1: World’s most expensive perfume priced at $166,983

If you are super rich and love to indulge in exclusive products to pamper yourself, then this next product is for you. Touted to be the world’s most expensive perfume, Clive Christian No.1 is priced at £115,000 ($166,983) per bottle. It’s made in Baccarat Crystal, topped with the crown granted by Queen Victoria in 1872, and contains 500ml of Clive Christian No.1. A five-carat brilliant-cut white diamond in a solid gold collar, which is set in the bottle, adds a touch of glitter.

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This limited edition exclusive perfume is restricted to just 10 bottles and is available at the world’s only super-salon, No.1 has been chosen to perfume the gardens of Sir Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball, and was worn by Katie Holmes at her wedding to Tom Cruise. With such high profile celebrities promoting this perfume, it surely is worth the price!

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