CO2RSET stalks you when the air around you gets contaminated

Created by an NYU ITP student, Kristin O’Friel, the CO2RSET is a corset-inspired by the Smoking Jacket, a piece of clothing that reacts directly to the air that you breathe into. The CO2RSET is a corset that tightens or loosens around your body depending on the amount of CO2 in the air around you. The tiny motors attached to the laces of the corset, respond to the input from the corset’s attached CO2 monitors, which could easily be spotted out by the naked eye through the vest’s floral decorations. Currently, the jacket only responds to CO2 but with further research and development, O’Friel seeks to innovate a technology, which makes it possible for clothes to respond to contaminations like Carbon Monoxide too.

The only bad point is that the corset has to be worn over cloths now. But future innovations may allow you to wear them under your clothing as inners. So the idea is to stay away from stale air all the time. Cool enough, as long you get to breathe pure O2.