Coach celebrates 75 years with twin Vintage collections

Can you believe Coach is 75 years old? Yes, it has been that long since they began capturing the hearts of one bag-struck loyalist at a time to an army of millions today. And to commemorate this milestone something more unique than the brand has been launched. As I type these words, many a content and rejoicing Coach lover must be tucked in bed and ready for a good night’s sleep, having acquired an original Coach bag from the Coach Vintage collection. The collection celebrates the brand’s 75th anniversary by having sourced bags from across the US, restored by Coach designers and dating back to the 1990s, 80s, and 70s. There are 35 styles, each piece unique and different, and include Penny, Stewardess and the Duffle Bag. One of them bear the brand’s endearing Snoopy patchwork, which Parisian fashion house colette so proudly showcases. The vintage global launch, which was yesterday, also included an additional 75 bags.

Alongside the bags, the brand also launched the Coach 1941 spring runway collection. 1941 marks the brand’s year of birth. This collection also had its exclusive launch at colette boasting four exclusive pieces – a floral jacket, a prairie-print skirt, a retro dress and a schoolgirl jacket. And from February 6, you will be able to order for custom monograms. This year looks like it is going to be a fine, fine one and it is only the start!

[ Via : Wwd ]

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