Coffee tumbler covered with Crocodile skin costs a ridiculous $230

What does an avid coffee drinker who already has a Gothic steampunk coffee machine need next? A gator-wrapped coffee tumbler.
French artisan brand, Watch Life With Curiosity has launched an exquisite tumbler, what may be referred to as the Rolex of the coffee tumblers. The tumbler is ideal for the urban coffee snobs, who like being served their decaf macchiato in the most luxurious way possible and have a spare 180€.

coffee-tumbler-crocodile-skin-3The coffee tumbler is handcrafted by the leather craftsman Jeremy Kastelani using premium materials like crocodile skin, barenia calf leather. It can be rinsed with water without causing any damage. Since many of us like our coffee to be transportable on our morning commutes and just the thought of spilling coffee from flimsy paper cups is a nightmare, the tumbler is a great way to carry hot beverage. Also, it has a carabiner that makes it portable and easy to carry around. The tumbler is available in three different colors: black, brown and blue.

coffee-tumbler-crocodile-skin-1We admit, it’s a pretty cool coffee tumbler, not so much for storing coffee but making your coworkers feel inferior because you have the most stylish (and the costliest) tumbler.

coffee-tumbler-crocodile-skin-2The brand has also introduced cup sleeves in calf leather (60€) or crocodile skin (95€) to insulate the drinker’s hands from hot coffee. The cup sleeve has also been
handcrafted by Jeremy Kastelani and fits tightly over the handle-less cups and also has a carabiner attached to it.

[Available at Watch-Life-With-Curiosity]

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