Colette Paris to host a wearables exhibition at its store

Wearables may be on the uptake these days, but the luxury and fashion sector is still grappling with how to create the most effective and appealing combinations of technology and style that speaks to fashion connoisseurs.

“In opposition to the ‘wearables’ category, these fashion accessories are first and foremost luxury goods, crafted as couture objects,” said Sabas. “Their invisible perks are limited to a few features: a surprising comfort (re-engineered soles) or stunning experience (self-heating sheer fabric, enhanced listening…) No biometrics will be measured, no apps will be downloaded. Seamlessly merged with fashion, the tech factor is an inconspicuous bonus. A secret layer of convenience, second to fashion.”

Among the items on display are a self-heating jacket from Thermaltech and ACRNM, which uses solar panels coated on metallic threads; a 100% natural cotton shirt equipped with nano-encapsulated technology to repel water, oil and wine from Maud Jeline and Dropel; a headband by Erik Halley and Luciding which helps induce lucid dreams; and earrings from Michael Schmidt Studios and Bragi, which are actually a pair of smart audio earphones. Tech-enabled shoes, bags, belts and glasses comprise the accessory section.

Sabas’ aim is to push the boundaries of wearables and make companies reimagine what the marriage of fashion and tech could be. “I would like what the rest of the world would like – IoT that grows meaningful, useful, invisible, weightless, universal, with no cables and long life batteries. Something that makes you feel chic, creative and efficient,” she said.


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