Compose yourself every morning on a $460 Prada Yoga Mat

Yoga mats don’t really come to mind when you think of splurge items, but as with many other everyday items, designers are making it so. Prada has launched a collection of yoga mats featuring some of their best known (and loved!) prints for yogis with style. No, these mats won’t make stretching and posing any easier, but they might help make daily yoga something to look forward to!

Made from waterproof materials, the mats come in three re-issued prints, each one more covetable than the last. You can choose from an all over tropical flower and leaf print in red, blue or green or ditch the florals for the splashy yellow banana print that had taken over the fashion industry back in 2011.

Of course even workout gear from Prada comes at a cost and each of these mats are steeply priced at $460. But if it’s an everyday extravagance you’re looking for, you need not look further than these cute and stylish mats.


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