Costing a whopping $122,000 could this trunk be the most expensive travel accessory

Although handbags have been considered as trendy accessories for a decade, bigger luggage variants such as suitcases and trunks have failed to receive their due share of attention in the fashion circuit. However, in changing perceptions and giving the humble bags a makeover of sorts, is Technomonster that has recently unveiled a brand-new Vitus Trunk set. Bringing the luxe in luggage and allowing you to make a style statement on the go, this exquisite luggage ensemble is all you need for your upcoming travels!

Crafted for the transatlantic business traveler who is forever hustling, Technomonster’s new trunk comes with a matching cabin-sized trolley with wheels manufactured from aeronautical aluminum. The main luggage is constructed from glossy carbon fiber material with brass closure mechanisms, crocodile skin handles, and a quilted leather interior. However, despite its uber-stylish exteriors, its what’s inside the trolley that is set to steal your heart.

Once open, the trunk sees three neatly sliding draws, a wardrobe compartment with hangers, and several smaller pouches for trinkets such as watches, belts, jewelry, and cufflinks. Additionally, the cabin-sized trolley bag is fit to carry other essentials that are required a little more instantaneously while traveling. With it ultra-functional make and chic aesthetic though, Technomonster’s Vitus Trunk Set doesn’t come in cheap. It is priced at a steep $1,24,062 (£99,500.00) and is currently available online at Harrods.

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