Crsytal-clear concept.

Swarovski’s the latest to join the concept shop space, with their new CRYSTALLIZED™ Cosmos and Lounge in London. Full of every Swarovski crystal you can imagine, the room is a veritable shaft of light and sparkle, glowing and gleaming. The glamorous and glitzy concept shop is currently featuring the Haute-st in wedding dress couture, with designs by some of England’s best – Vivienne Westwood, Alice Temperley, and others.

Just imagining it hurts my eyes. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for fancy-schmancy concept stores (especially since it gives even us poor folk a reason to wander into shops we know we can’t afford!) but when the concept seems to be blinding customers with so many shiny things, I don’t know. Although I can imagine that kids would love this shop – if for no reason but the fact that they’re moms would go crazy trying to ensure that they don’t break anything!