Crystal studded Rosario’s by PrettyBallerinas: Oh-my-god

Ok, if you are a girl and looking at these pictures right now, I hope you are reacting in the same way as I am, i.e., “Oh my god, these shoes are so awesome, I must have them!” These stunning shoes, called Rosario, from PrettyBallerinas, are encrusted with an exclusive Swarovski pattern of 3000 sparkly crystals. Oh my god! I seriously want them. They are lightweight and straightforward to wear and very, very glamorous and chic. I love them. The company even offers a 3 years guarantee that includes a complete check-up and maintenance. PrettyBallerinas, in fact, clean up every single crystal once a year to preserve your shoes’ shining beauty. Isn’t it lovely girls?

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But now its time for a reality check- the price tag. Priced at €995 ($1,277) they are way out of my reach. (Sigh)

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