Crystaluche eyewear collection jazzed up with Swarovski and gemstones

If you are going to cover up those pretty eyes of yours with eye gear, then you might as well pick up something that make look brighter and chic. And Italian eyewear brand Crystaluche has a new concept for you to try as they fuse natural gemstone jewelry with protective eyewear to a new concept. The gear in the collection promises high-quality gemstones and spots a filigreed work, along with side Swarowski crystals and stones at the temple ridges. Handmade in Italy, the eyewear features natural gems from nine different countries around the world.

The eye wear is set in fine 925 sterling silver and is rhodium plated and features 24 carat gold. The temples on the eye gear spot jewelry in Amethyst, Garnet and Tiger Eye from Africa, citrine rutilated quartz from Brazil and carnelian from India.

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