Darkness and enigma characterize the new fragrance from Alexander McQueen

The Alexander McQueen label is finally launching a new fragrance! Fans of the brand have craved a scent for a while and now the house that’s famous for their daring shows (and Kate Middleton’s wedding dress of course) is finally debuting a new fragrance called McQueen Parfum.

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Slated to be a dark and mysterious, a gothic inspired creation with notes of Sambac jasmine, tuberose and ylang-ylang as well as clove, pink and black pepper and vetiver. The alluring scent is packaged in a black glass bottle decorated with antique gold feathers and a gold base.

The scent has been in development for three years and comes with a miniscule book that explains the origin and qualities of each note in the fragrance.

“We wanted to do it when the moment was right. Sarah has been in the role for six years now and we have transformed the brand into a completely different positioning in the marketplace,” said Jonathan Akeroyd, chief executive officer of Alexander McQueen. “The perfume is very much what Sarah is about, and she took time to develop it and the bottle. We feel we have a real point of difference going into market. There is a real passion from Sarah’s side for this to be a success. She’s even got involved in how the store concepts are designed and how they look and work.”

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