Diamond encrusted glove is the most dazzling piece of armor

If you think jewelry is just an accessory for your arms, fingers or your neck, there are enough artists who are creative enough to make you see otherwise. One such fashionista is Daphne Guinness who has tied up with jewelry designer Shaun Leane to create a bejeweled armor to create a new fashion statement. The interesting piece of art features hand crafted “chain mail” and is studded with as many as 5,000 diamonds. Titled as “Contra Mundum” (Against the World) the glove fits Guinness’ arm like a charm.

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While I don’t know what is better, the armor or Photographer Nick Knight brilliant shot, but you can judge that for yourself. The entire collection will be put up at the White Cybe Gallery in London, while the ‘Daphne Guinness on View’ can be seen at FIT, New York City from mid-September.
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