Diamond-studded blindfolds dazzle as the latest accessory for a fashionista

OK diamonds are a girl’s best friend and make for some pretty neat fashion statement. So after all the bags, eyewear, cufflinks, dresses, bath fittings, mirrors, brassieres and bustier, gloves, belts and eyelashes later it’s time to get corny with the precious stone, Vogue Italia style! For a very extravagant photo shoot with model Nadja Girmata that was for an editorial piece called ‘How to Wear Bright and Dark Diamonds, the hottie from 2morrow Model Management graced some sexy diamond-covered blindfolds.

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Shot by photographer Fabio Leidithe shoot was stylized by Olimpia Pitacco. The other pieces that the model donned in the shoot include diamond-covered blindfolds and all-lace bodysuit, burgundy lace brassiere and a satin ruffled top.