Diesel has created the new uniforms for AC Milan

The soccer stars of AC Milan are all set to get a brand new uniform from Diesel. The uniforms will be designed by Andrea Rosso, the creative director of Diesel licenses, and will be a departure from traditional uniforms since they will be looser.

“We wanted to express our love and passion for fashion and creativity in this project while bearing in mind that football fans and fashion fans do not always overlap,” said Andrea Rosso. “During the design phase, my team and I explored how we could unite these two groups and focus on the comfort factor, which is very important in sports.”

The brand has created two sets of uniforms, the first is a formal kit for players and staff and features hooded blazers with stretch fleece sleeves and zips at the wrists, paired with T-shirts or polos. A cashmere jumper, iconic Diesel JoggJeans in black, and a parka with removable lining finish the outfit. A pair of leather lace-up shoes with metal zip is the chosen accessories here. You’ll find AC Milan’s signature red and black colors on the lining of the blazer’s sleeves and on an embroidery patch applied on the inside representing Diesel’s Mohican symbol with red and black stripes. The handcrafted AC Milan badge is seen on the front of the blazer.
The second kit of off-site apparel includes a reversible satin bomber jacket one side of which represents the team’s colors and badge while the other side pays tribute to Diesel and the milestones for the football through a series of patches including the flags of the cities where the team has been victorious; the initials of AC Milan’s English founder Herbert Kilpin and his iconic catchphrase “red as fire;” Renzo Rosso’s signature “enjoy” motto. This jacket will be worn with f Diesel distressed JoggJeans and black leather sneakers with an all-round zip.

The uniforms will also be available for purchase at Diesel flagship stores in select cities and online from the end of February. According to WWD, the apparel items minus the AC Milan logo patch, will retail with prices ranging from 70 euros, or ($73), for T-shirts to 350 euros, ($365) for blazers.


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