Digital detox for Bottega Veneta? Much to the dismay of fashion connoisseurs the luxury marquee has gone off Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

In a world of virtual reality, Bottega Veneta has taken a bold step. The marquee has recently called in quits on social media by deleting its accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The mysterious move has little explanation and has certainly put the entire fashion world in a frenzy.

While there is no official word on the brand’s exit from the virtual scene, a tweet from the fashion publication A Magazine Curated By earlier suggested that this was intentional and by far not accidental. The statement now-deleted read, “What’s missing from 2021? @BottegaVeneta is.”

In the past, Bottega Veneta has made impressive social media use, especially since creative director and maverick Daniel Lee joined the house a little over a year ago. While a tab bit daunting, the brand’s exit from the virtual world could be the ultimate roar of luxury where only the truest of connoisseurs will now seek it out.

It is also anticipated that the brand’s exit is indeed a cost-cutting strategy, given the pandemic induced cash-crunch. Whatever may the reason be, Bottega Veneta’s legacy is sure to prosper and live on, regardless of social media, or so we hope!

[Via: GQ]