Dior adds four precious elixirs to their La Collection Privée fragrance line

Dior’s coveted La Collection Privée line of fragrances just got four new additions. Rose, Ambre, Oud and Musc will join the 12 piece collection of “precious elixirs.” Each of the scents is inspired by natural raw materials and is packaged in a glass flacon. Created to be either alone or layered and paired with other scents in the collection, these scents allow everyone to create their own custom fragrance.

The highly concentrated scent oils are available in 3 ml bottles and while you can mix and match to find your own signature scent, Dior’s master perfumer François Demachy has a few recommendations that should be on your must-try list. Élixir Précieux Ambre is best paired with New Look 1947, while Oud combines beautifully with Gris Montaigne. Musc is a good complement to Granville and Rose was meant to be partnered with Bois d’Argent.

Each 0.10oz. bottle of Elixir Précieux will set you back by $300. They can be purchased at dior.com.

[ Via : Fragrantica ]

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