Dita Von Teese previews her debut glove collection and they are looking stunning

Gloves are royalty, and especially when they are designed by burlesque empress Dita Von Teese who successfully brought the striptease art form into spotlight with a sense of elegance and sophistication. The retro pinup fetish model gave a preview of her new collection of Opera leather gloves on her Instagram account. Dita who has added black opera length leather gloves to seventy percent of her outfits since 1992, says the project is based on her old obsession with fetish elegance.

The statuesque star made vintage thigh-high stockings, all-black ensemble, heels and leather gloves iconic. And her announcement doesn’t come to us by surprise. Since Dita has already launched fashion line for stockings, lingerie, perfumes, sunglasses, cardigans, it was only natural that long-awaited gloves were on brand’s production timeline.

Although there is no further information available yet, the collection is likely to feature shorter gloves besides the opera long gloves. The gloves adorned with crystal studs will be offered in a black and white box bearing the brand’s logo.


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