Dolce and Gabbana iPhone Case and Coin Purse: Fashion for your phone

A true fashionista ensures that everything around her is as stylish as her. So when it comes to dressing her accessories, she chooses only the best. If you are one such fashionista in search of that chic iPhone case for your beloved phone, we have for you the ultra-luxe Dolce and Gabbana iPhone Case and Coin Purse. The coin purse is just another lovely offering allowing every diva to stash her pennies stylishly while the iPhone case exudes luxury holding the phone in Italian calfskin. The coin purse and iPhone case, both flaunting gold-tone hardware, attach, making for a unique accessory. Truly amazing, the combo of the sequined coin purse along with the chic iPhone case is simply irresistible.

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Pure indulgence, this offering from Dolce and Gabbana gives you another reason to splurge.