Dubai at your feet with the Kuthub heels

We have seen those shoes which kids seem to have such a huge craze over – the ones that flash in multiple colors on every step. Some even come with ghastly sounds or music on them. Shaikha Al Ali, a Dubai-based designer, has come up with a similar idea, nothing too flashy but appealing to an older age group. Ladies who love the city’s glamorous and sassy lifestyle can now a piece of Dubai in their every stride. Rather, a grain of Dubai. And in particular, a grain of sand.

The 24-year old Emirati designer is the creator of the Kuthub heels, an original from her Gasah studio. These are made of black PVC base and a lucite heel which is filled with, well, sand. Inspired by the sand dunes of her homeland, the shoes will retail for Dhs 1150, which amounts to $315. The shoes can be bought on the studio website, but if you wait a little longer, a month, you might have more color variants.


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