Estede’s Gold and Platinum sunglasses to compliment your Bentley

After matching your brief case to your car, why not take your fascination a step further by matching more accessories with your favorite automobile? Well, you can now match your sunglasses if you are a proud owner of a Bentley! At the motor show, Geneva, Estede launched a new line of eyewear for Bentley. The collection is made out of precious metals like silver palladium, 18-carat gold, and platinum. And the makers are sure such innovation is new to the sunglasses industry, as Bentley’s glasses have been subjected to surface treatments and quilted leather upholstery. These aviator-style shades will be available in two sizes and come with interchangeable lenses. Plus, each set can be engraved with the owner’s name and/or Bentley model number as further customization. Prices start from around $1,900 for the silver palladium set, $5,500 for the 18carat gold set, and $15,000 for the platinum model.

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