Eton launches men’s health awareness campaign with an Invisible Tie

In a bid to increase awareness of men’s health issues, Swedish shirt company Eton has created a campaign that centers around the Invisible Tie. You won’t see the wearer’s tie but what you will see is a tie bar engraved with the words “I wear the invisible tie”.

The accessory can be purchased through the brands website for $40 with all proceeds benefitting the Movember Foundation in Europe and Canada. You can sport the tie bar as a complement to your Movember moustache or wear it throughout the year to keep raising awareness and doing your bit for men’s health.

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This subtle pin is pretty chic, but it’s not style that the creators were going for, so to wear it with a tie would totally destroy the effect and miss the point. Instead wear it with a crisp shirt and wait for the inevitable questions. The best thing you can do is arm yourself and others with knowledge. Get tested regularly and visit reliable sources for information about men’s health issues.

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[Available at : Etonshirts]