Europe’s Finest Luxury Accessories

While some people travel the world for wine, cars or food, others travel for fashion. Europe boasts some of the finest fashion destinations in the world with places like Milan, Paris, Berlin and London paving the path for some of the biggest fashion hypes. There’s nothing like a holiday chasing the latest trends, the newest boutiques and the most exciting fashion weeks all over Europe. Just make sure to travel lightly so you can fit everything in your luggage on the return flight.

Just as certain countries have a very particular cuisine that reflects centuries of tradition and also local, indigenous ingredients, countries also have a very specific fashion that reflects their culture, heritage and local resources. In Europe, this difference from country to country can be quite stark and can best be seen in the array of accessories that hail from the different countries. All of this can make for a wonderful means of tourism so why not make this your next luxury getaway? Here are our tips:

Watches in Switzerland
The art of Swiss watchmaking is steeped in tradition and heritage. For over a century, the country has been producing some of the world’s best watches and it’s no wonder that a large majority of luxury watches come from the small, mountainous country. Companies like Rolex, Tag Heuer and Patek Philippe have been dominating the Swiss watchmaking scene. Renowned for their precision and premium quality, each Swiss timepiece is considered a life-long companion. By visiting the various watchmaking factories in Switzerland, tourists can gain a valuable insight into the art of watchmaking. So as not to be overwhelmed, make sure to take a look at online sellers first to get a feel for what’s out there – perhaps you may even find a better deal on an Omega watch, for example, after trying on their ranges in shop.

Artisanal Leather in Italy
Italian leather is regarded as some of the highest quality leather in the world and is used for a whole host of different luxury items – one example of this is for the leather armband of one of the above Swiss watches. What makes Italian leather so superior? Italy is bursting with highly-skilled craftsmen that have been taught the tradition of Italian leathery. Not only that, but the country also works exclusively with high quality material and makes use of renowned treatment processes such as the famous vegetable tanning, which is a natural dying method. When it comes to shopping for leather accessories in Italy, consider yourself in paradise! The streets of most cities are teeming with luxury designer boutiques that sell handbags, shoes, and plenty more. Milan is a particularly popular leather destination and while you’re there you could give the stunning Mandarin Oriental a visit.

Silk Scarves in France
Nothing quite beats a silk scarf shopping spree in France, or more particularly, in Paris. While France is the epicentre for just about all fashion, the silk scarf look is perhaps its most iconic. Imagine popping to Paris for a luxury weekend looking for a Hermès silk headscarf. The likes of Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin made the headscarf look iconic and inspired a truly classy and sophisticated accessory trend. Look after it well, and it can make the perfect accessory for life.

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