F1 champion Jenson Button will be the face of the Hackett London Autumn-Winter Collection

Hackett London is a prestigious British menswear brand that prides itself on highly skilled tailoring and styles that can set the benchmarks for luxury casualwear. The brand originates from the fashion hotbed of London, Chelsea. With its target audience set on the most discerning men, the standards maintained by Hackett are the finest. Hackett London is run by the AWWG global fashion group, which also owns Pepe Jeans London and Façonnable, with 238 owned stores and a presence in 54 countries.

Hackett London has extended its vision to newer frontiers by announcing that its newest campaign will feature former Formula 1 world champion, Jenson Button. The dashing racer will be fronting the brand’s 2021 Autumn-Winter Collection. The range will feature some of the best-sellers (or hero products) of the brand as well as exciting new renditions.

Button is known for his 2009 world championship win and then his later stint in the Super GT Series, where he won alongside Naoki Yamamoto, with whom he shared a Honda car. During his F1 years, he represented McLaren, Brawn, Honda, and Renault among other teams. Button will be bringing his suave and style from the racetrack to inspire the wardrobes of fine gentlemen, as he dons the new collection of the brand, under the banner ‘Embrace the Curves of Life’.

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Hackett wishes to emphasize their stance of living life with passion and excitement. This infuses sheer energy into the luxury clothing category as a whole. The campaign will be shot at ‘Brands Hatch’, which is the race circuit where Jenson Button raced during his professional career. Marcella Wartenbergh, CEO of AWWG, the parent company of Hackett says, “We’re pleased to announce this new collaboration. Not only is Jenson a fantastic sportsman, but he has (also) become an inspiring advisor with an impeccable style. Mr. Button illustrates the spirit of the Hackett London man.” Now, that’s a benchmark to live up to. Speaking about the association, Button Tweeted, “Delighted to announce I am now working with Hackett as their new men’s ambassador. A brand I’ve long admired and am proud to represent as I Embrace the Curves of Life”.

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The collection is truly British in style and will include the brand’s best-selling, Tech Velospeed Jacket that has won several accolades for being a durable, pure utility, and extremely luxurious. The collection will be a mix of casual wear and some heritage pieces by the brand that will receive a modern uplift. The collaboration between Button and Hackett will forge new bonds between the fashion and motor-racing circuits. Hackett has a long-standing partnership with Aston Martin as well and has released the ‘Aston Martin Racing by Hackett’ collection for Spring-Summer 2021.

Luxury fashion brands have been known to associate with automobile giants with the likes of Ferrari and Giorgio Armani partnering together and even Tommy Hilfiger working with Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamilton. You can follow the Hackett-Button campaign on their social media handles or by looking for the most recent tweets with #HowToHackett.

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