Yves Saint Laurent’s Facebook inspired make-up palette is devoted to their fans

I never knew that simply being a fan of a luxury brand on a social networking site could win you so many goodies. Well, let us be specific, the cult social network we’re talking about is Facebook where fans have got the opportunity to get their faces etched on a DB9 and a Cayman S. This time around, luxury brand Yves Saint Laurent is launching a very limited edition palette for their Facebook fans exclusively on their Facebook page, which they tag as a ‘social product.’ The range is quite affectionately called “Devoted to Fans” and has been created in conjunction with Facebook. It uses the same blue Pantone of the popular networking site and will be produced only in a limited number of 1650 pieces. Like the snazzy shades? You’ll have to wait till it releases in September.

Also about 50 of them will be exclusively available on the Facebook page ” Yves Saint Laurent Fragrances & Beauty” from July 20th for about $58 which will be delivered by September.

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