Fancy a $ 3,000 summer dress made entirely of summer hats

There are many quirky ways of welcoming the summer. If you think that beaches, bikinis, sunglasses and some tan are oh-so-passé and are looking forward to making a bold statement this summer, this very quirky, “Hat” dress by Simon Porte Jacquemus may just catch your fancy! And those who think that it comes with printed hats all over are wrong, as the uber-chic attire is in fact made from real straw hats sewn together!


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The apparently simple design consists of eight woven hats stitched together, each of which is made from 100 per cent straw with no lining. While this may sound like you would have to itch your guts out on wearing it, worry not, as the exclusive costume promises a 100 percent comfortable and non-itchy experience to its buyers. The French designer has revealed her creation only earlier this week and it’s making headlines already – most for the wrong reasons though!

While we wouldn’t want to debate the critiques of Jacquemus’ design, we are certain that the price of the dress is a big reason for all the undue flak that it is receiving. Her unique but not so practicable dress sells for $3,050 USD, which may look like a very heavy cost to pay for 8 hats and few sewn pieces of ribbon! Also, factoring in the discomfort of sitting, walking and practically being in the dress further spoils the deal many like us. If you, however, have caught a fancy for it, go ahead and buy it exclusively at Ssense.

[Available at:Ssense]

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