Fancy Burberry and Stella McCartney for your little ones? Selfridges has launched a pre-loved luxury childrenswear pop-up space

Children just like adults enjoy a wide selection of clothes from luxury brands. The cute little customers of these luxury brands hardly get to wear these fancy clothes as much as their grown-up counterparts, which is why a sale of these pre-owned, pre-loved, high-end garments makes a lot of sense. They are expensive no doubt, hence, also very well taken care of. These garments are generally hardly worn as kids grow out of them pretty soon and in all honesty do look brand new. The resale market for children’s fashion is getting bigger and glossier which is why Selfridges is launching a new space for pre-loved branded kids wear. The pre-owned Gucci, Burberry, Stella McCartney, Moncler, Chloe’s of the world that have adorned your cuties will now find their second inning on Selfridges’ fourth floor where 43m space will house a Kidswear Collective pop-up that caters to newborns through 14 years. Kidswear Collective stocks pieces from over 250 designer brands, with each piece undergoing a rigorous 8-step inspection process, cleaning and careful storage until it’s sold.

The Kidswear Collective pop-up will be operational for three months, starting March 16th and has some great deals in store, some up to 80% off the original price. This is a great example for parents to set about sustainability and for people looking for ways to minimize their impact on the planet.

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[Via: Financial Times]

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