Fashion technology advances a few stages with a 3D printed collection

Ever heard of the phrase ‘fashion-meets-technology’? Somehow all other usage of that phrase loses meaning when compared to a venture that includes printing a fully dimensional, wearable shoe; which is exactly what mould manufacturer Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani has done! The Italian company has designed and created a 6 piece fashion collection with a 3D printer. Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 was the printer used to bring to life 3 pairs of shoes, a bracelet, a handbag and a bustier – all made with different materials, textures and colours. The outcome of the complex design, detailing and mix of soft and rigid materials is outstanding; especially the shoes and the bustier, that are the real masterpieces because of the heel and stability of the shoe and the fabric wear-ability of the bustier.

The collection was created by the Italian company, who specialize in footwear moulds and other footwear related tools, to showcase their new rapid prototyping technique, which would have them print out models of shoes before commencement of large scale productions of the same. The models would help designers to make last minute changes and additions before finalizing the product.



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