Fashion with a cause – Balenciaga Koala hoodies and tee-shirts to raise money for Australia Bushfire relief

It’s been days since the news of the Australian Bushfire went out. And while the catastrophe is now under control, the after-effects of the event are currently being dreaded the most. To help ease the pain of those suffering immediately. Several organizations have stepped in to donate for the relief activities by the largest measure, the latest in the lot being – Balenciaga.

In an ode to support rehabilitation in the country, the luxury fashion label house has launched a line of exclusive Koala-printed tees and hoodies. Amongst the many species who suffered the catastrophe, Koalas have been the worst hit, and it’s no wonder then that the distraught animal forms center of the collection. Reports also claim that 30 percent of koalas may have been killed in regions of the country, which calls for their immediate rehabilitation.

While many have come forward to laud Balenciaga for the move, some users expressed dismay towards the collection, with one Twitter user commenting: “Balenciaga making ugly koala clothing to raise funds for the fires in Australia like they couldn’t just straight up donate and not add to the problem by creating more product.” Well, all said – Guilt-free shopping couldn’t get better than this! For those who disagree, the collection drops on the Balenciaga website today.-

[Available at Balenciaga via Dazed Digital]

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