Fendi Strap You for men stylizes your bag and you

While the trendiest bag and the sveltest apparel may seem sufficient to complete your step-into-work look, there’s something that could quite stand out as a highlight. That’s right, the bag-strap. It isn’t something you consciously choose a bag, basis on, and generally tags along with the bag that you have picked for its incredible design and brand name. However, when you sling it around your shoulders it somehow becomes the first thing to catch everyone’s eye and it better be something that is in rhythm with the rest of your getup.

fendi-strap (3)
Fashion house Fendi has just introduced the Strap You for men series of bag straps that can effectively stand out against any garb. Bringing in the brand’s attributes of ensuring highest quality while paying maximum attention to detail, the brand has created a series that includes contemporary designs as well as solids that could complement formalwear. Customizing your bag from the fashion perspective was never more apparent.
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With shades such as mud, yellow and blue, the shades dance to pixelated granite textures as well as more exotic versions. Even the stitching reflects Fendi’s unescapable style. The straps can be purchased individually and attach via a functional snap-hook that is available in silver or palladium with personalization options such as initials engraved on them.
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