From fast cars to fast fashion – Ferrari has launched its first-ever in-house fashion collection

Ferrari enthusiasts – you can now shop for clothes made exclusively by the brand as it rolls out its debut in-house fashion collection! Yes, that’s right! The ensemble includes contemporary clothing pieces that are chic, luxe, and very modern, to say the least.

The move marks the brand’s latest strategy and its biggest investments outside the car business. Designed by Rocco Iannone, the collection includes 52 pieces crafted from high-performance, water, and wind-resistant fabrics. It features blouses, Bermudas, nylon trenches, an easy-to-wear caban, and more emblazoned with high-graphic prints and bold blends of 1950s posters and magazine covers.

The collection further pays homage to the brand’s signature red and yellow tones, with splashes of deep blue and green. Commenting on it, Iannone, in a statement, said, “We want to attract young people and women. Our targets are not just those who buy a Ferrari but also those who have an awareness of the brand and of its values.”

He further added, “For me, it was vital to discover who were the icons of Ferrari. To me, Ferrari is a brand that is very much part of pop culture and music, and the arts. So, I tried to give sense to the idea of a Ferrari lifestyle. It always existed, and that’s what I wanted to make a contemporary collection around.”

Fancy some Ferrari fashion for the wardrobe?

[Via: WWD]

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