Ferrari has opened a swanky lifestyle store in Maranello

London architectural studio Sybarite has paid tribute to Ferrari’s legacy with a lifestyle concept store. It combines 21st-century Italian design with sensual curves and a sophisticated mood, in a nod to the marquee’s Italian heritage.

Designed across a single open-plan floor in a 1980s building in Maranello in Northern Italy, where Ferrari’s factory is located, the store is all set to open on 13 June along with the launch of Ferrari’s first fashion collection.

The installation of the brand’s Cavallino logo sits at the store entrance, along with a mind map-inspired installation, cylindrical columns, a wall of white bricks, and several other interesting design aspects.

On the exterior, the store features a colonnaded terracotta façade which boasts references to the traditional color of the roofs of Modenese houses and the historic domes in Italian architecture. The interior, on the other hand, features winding forms along with glossy red and white surfaces.

Commenting on it, Sybarite co-founder Simon Mitchell in a statement, said, “The ripple of the glass gives the sense of speed and movement, its ribbon-like form is a direct reference to the cars moving swiftly around the Fiorano Ferrari Circuit.”

He further added, “The curve of the glass invites the customer into space from the exterior. The signature opaque red gradient denotes velocity and is a nod to ‘race red’ (Rosso Corsa) well known to Ferrari enthusiasts.”

The store ‘subtly links Italy and Ferrari as synonymous with each other through architectural fixtures and material design codes’ and is a spectacle to behold! Could a tribute get any better than this?

[Via: Dezeen]

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