Ferrari teams up with Cobra Puma Golf for special edition golf paraphernalia

If you’ve been planning to carry along your fascination for that gleaming red Ferrari you have parked in your driveway down to the golf course, here’s the perfect way indeed! Teaming up with Cobra Puma Golf, Ferrari has unveiled a line of themed golfing equipment including bags, shoes and a fiery red driver! To begin with, the Golf Luxury Bag and Luxury Duffel use Poltrana Frau leather, the type found in the Ferrari GT while the leather golf shoes, part of the line, are handmade in Italy. What interested us the most however was the Ferrari-red driver, designed by them innovative minds at Ferrari, sporting reduced drag and quicker club head speeds.

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Also, this special edition driver comes with a hand-stitched leather grip, a genuine Ferrari leather handcover, a Fujikura Motore Speeder Shaft and aFerrari Golf Collection Driver display box to top it all. Simply put, this is one of the “fastest” looking drivers we’ve ever set our eyes on!