For the selife generation and beyond – MAC cosmetics opens its first make-up studio

MAC has opened their very first Make-up studio which they say is “dedicated solely to the art of makeup application and tuition.” The studio will employ skilled make-up artists who will provide services such as Applications and Lessons, the former seems to imply a one-time professional make-up session, whereas it seems that lessons work like live tutorials where the artist’s aim is to teach you to apply the makeup to yourself. All the services will be highly customizable and personalized.

The Focus Features service allows you to get either an application or a lesson in how to highlight one of your features using makeup. Choose from offerings such as Bold or Neutral lips, Smoky eyes, Winged Liner, Sculpted face etc. Applications cost $10 – $15 for sessions ranging from 10 to 15 minutes while lessons cost $30 for a 30 minute session.
You can also avail of a $60 full make-up application for everyday or special occasions. You leave with a face chart teaching you how to recreate the look at home. A bridal or theatrical make-up session requires a prior consultation and costs $90 for 90 minutes.

You can get a 90 minute full face make-up tutorial for $90 (with a face chart) or for $50 per person also have a makeup party. If you’ve been trying to learn make-up through video tutorials and just can’t get the hang of it, you might want to head over to this Lexington Avenue studio.

[Mac Cosmetics Via – Nytimes]

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