For $9,000, the invisible wonder-bra discreetly uplifts your assets

If you suffer from sagging breasts, time to get yourself an uplifting bra which goes with all your dresses. One good and supposedly safe option is to get your self long lasting invisible bras, which are surgically implanted under your skin. This ‘invisible bra’ is actually an internal bra system that consists of a mesh support which can be used instead of harmful implants. This polyester mesh goes under your breast skin and is tucked into a layer of fat just above the breast tissue. The system, which comes from South Africa, costs as much as $9,070, and over 600 women in the world have opted for the procedure.

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A four year trail in Holland with 170 women has not indicated any serious complications. While the system is said to have a better life that implants, which usually last for 10 years, it may not be suitable for all women.