Forget lace and satin! Spider Silk will soon revolutionize the production of bras

Known to be one of the strongest materials in the world, Spider Silk might just be an all-important material in your next spirts bra! But before you start picturing an army of arachnids mass producing the coveted threads, you should know that a Californian start-up called Bolt Threads, is synthetically producing a fiber supposedly identical to spider silk using genetically modified yeast. Yeast cells are single cell organisms that convert simple carbohydrates to proteins through fermentation, the genetic modification will allow them to secrete silk-like proteins.

Bolt is currently producing the fake silk at Emeryville labs, where yeast cells excrete silk into a mixture of sugar, water and salt. The silk is them separated using a centrifuge. Once production begins on a larger scale, the threads will be woven into textiles that will made into items like sportswear and bras.

Known for durability, flexibility and strength, spider silk could revolutionize the way clothing is produced. In the sportswear and innerwear industries, this would mean long lasting, support garments that would allow for more movement and activity. Bolt believes that their first products could be out as early as next year, though they may not be immediately affordable for everyone. The prices have not yet been determined yet, but as is the case with all new technological innovations, it is likely that the early products will be the most expensive with prices decreasing as the idea becomes common.

[Via – Fastcodesign]

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