‘Fragrance Lab’ at Selfridges will distill your character and movements into a scent

What do Halle Berry, David Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Michael Jordan have in common? They are among those celebrities who have a fragrance dedicated to their name. But you don’t have to be famous or a millionaire to have your own signature scent when you can get a 50ml bottle of your own olfactory for £65 at the London based department store Selfridges. As part of Selfridges’ six week long ‘The Beauty Project’, London studios Campaign and The Future Laboratory have created ‘The Fragrance Lab’. Interestingly, the scent is created through a multisensory scent-profiling experience based on people’s reaction.

The Fragrance Lab will lead you to a 15-minute immersive journey to conduct a one-of-a-kind profiling to understand your personality based on your responses to a tablet-based questionnaire. Consumers are then directed to move through different spaces with pleasant and unpleasant scents and on the basis of their response to stimuli, the lab assistant will present you with your custom fragrance.

The customers will end the journey with a fragrance created by Givaudan perfumers, industry-leading sensory experts, that reflects their experience in the space. Not only will the scent encapsulate their character but the bottle shape, label and language used to describe the scent will be tailored to every element of their personality. Each fragrance will come complete with a ‘fragrance prescription’ – a horoscope of sorts – that will outline the key findings gleaned from their olfactory journey and how these have influenced the final scent choice.

The Fragrance Lab offers a glimpse into the future of in-store retailing on how customer habits, preferences, as well as their physical interaction will be used to develop a personalized service or product.

The Fragrance Lab will remain open through June 27, and costs £65 (or around $110) per visit inclusive of the 50ml bottle of your signature scent.

Selfridges launched ‘The Beauty Project’ on May 1 to provide customers with a beyond-shopping retail experience and to explore the definition of beauty. ‘The Beauty Project’ explores six central themes: Men and Beauty, Adornment/ Extreme Beauty, Global Beauty, Androgyny and Natural Beauty.

At the heart of ‘The Beauty Project’ is a themed program ‘The Salon’ which will include over 100 speakers and experts to tackle questions such as the History of beauty and ugliness, How to look good at 100.

‘The Beauty Project’ also celebrated the diversity in beauty and will showcase thousands of products and services such as The Travel Shop, The Tattoo Parlor, The Face Gym, Beauty and the Feast. Customers will also be able to experience beauty products and scent created exclusively for Selfridges’ ‘The Beauty Project.’



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