France’s new laws aim to prevent anorexia by banning ultra-thin models

In a bid to put an end to the instances of anorexia among the modelling community, France will ban excessively thin models and levy fines or even jail time on the agencies and fashion houses that hire too-thin models. France boasts a multi-billion euro fashion and luxury industry and the country now joins Italy, Spain and Israel as a nation with laws that prevent too thin models from walking the ramp or appearing in campaigns. In a separate measure, the nation has made it illegal to condone anorexia, this is an attempt to target sites that encourage thin-ness and offer “thinspiration”.

“The activity of model is banned for any person whose Body Mass Index (BMI) is lower than levels proposed by health authorities and decreed by the ministers of health and labor,” according to the bill. Model’s seeking work would have to produce a medical certificate showing a BMI of 18 before being hired.

Any agency flouting these laws could face imprisonment of up to six months and a fine of €75,000. Websites that promote excessive thinness could face a year of prison time and fines up to €100,000.

[Via – Reuters]

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