French designer creates exquisite evening gowns inspired by ancient architecture and other archaic creations

We’ve seen the fashion industry gimmick any and every walking thing under the sun. While some of these creations have been haunting as hell, others have been food for thought and for a lot more creativity. Here to astound us similarly, is French fashion designer Sylvie Facon who recently created the Hommage à Arras – an evening gown inspired by the old French town of Arras.

Unlike other designers, Facon’s love for detail is incredible as can clearly been seen in her creations. The Hommage à Arras for instance, looks almost like a work of fiction, until you take a close look at its fabulous silhouette. The bust of the dress boasts of Flemish-inspired façades as seen it the town of Arras, while its hips display The Angels of Saudemont, a series of gilded Medieval statues. The gown also incorporates references of the pavements and plants, that are typical to the old French town.

In addition to the mind-boggling Hommage à Arras, Facon has designed several other gowns, each more astounding than the other. While one of her creations looks like a walking storybook, another recreates the magic of a beautiful garden in spring. You can also find a violin-inspired dress in her collection, that is too surreal to be true! Check out the pictures below to believe it for yourself!


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