From calling you an Uber to locating your phone – This handbag can do it all

Bee & Kin’s handbags are not like anything you would have seen. Founder Tracy Hummel found a sizeable gap in design and technology and decided to bridge the gap with a range of vivid coloured bags.

The brand appeals to the modest tote and purse range, and transforms it into a collection brimming with quirky shapes, creative leather handles and innovative technologies, making it one of the first tech-smart designer handbags.

Curated from the finest materials, each handbag features Bluetooth technology enabling you to go hands-free. Your tech-driven handbag lets you control your apps and devices with the simple push of a button. Lights have been fitted on the delicate interiors of your bag, allowing you to get a clear glimpse of your precious personal possessions.

Bee & Kin not only appeal to entertainment and practicality but takes into account safety. You can now share your live location with your loved ones at once.

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Ranging from a modest $100 to a slightly luxurious price of $725, the price point is rather affordable.


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