From zesty-citrus to orange blossom, Louis Vuitton’s latest fragrance line is all we can think about

The lustre and love that Louis Vuitton brings to my life is almost non-negotiable. As a brand, it’s one of the few that has adapted to changing trends and generations, yet maintaining its core value. And with Louis Vuitton’s new Les Colognes fragrance line-up, it’s once again proved us right. Take for example their newly concocted scents which comprise Afternoon Swim, Cactus Garden, and Sun Song; they are all scents that almost anyone will be able to relate to.

Afternoon Swim is filled with scents of Sicilian orange, bergamot, and mandarin orange. If a zesty citrus-filled scent appeals to you, then this could be your new favourite. Cactus Garden is perhaps exactly what you have imagined; a garden of paradise brimming with scents of South American yerba maté along with Calabrian bergamot and lemongrass. The scent of Sun Song basks you in the glory of orange blossom and citron, with an interesting note of musk.

Slated to hit shelves on 11 April 2019, these fragrances will be sold in either 100 ml or 200 ml glass bottles set at EUR210 and EUR310 per bottle respectively.


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