Futuristic 3D printed dresses that are made from Audi car parts

Anouk Wipprecht, the Dutch fashion tech innovator and designer is taking fashion to the next level. We have seen many of her astonishing creations before but with this one, she has crossed it all. Earlier fashion used to drive automobile industry in terms of color, finish, material choices etc. But Audi seems to change this notion by associating with Anouk to create clothing that highlights its cars innovations.

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Anouk sat with Audi’s developers to understand their design elements and the inspiration behind the same. The four dresses were created using Autodesk Maya, a leading 3D design software. Anouk created two dresses by utilizing parking sensors, which get activated when people come close. On the other hand, the LED lights used get triggered by the wearer and increase the overall beauty.
3D printed dresses from Audi car parts 2
All the four dresses that have been created promote Audi’s A4 sedan. Audi’s signature grille has been a major inspiration for all the dresses. Various features of the car have been infused in their own way into the dresses. For example the main dress features Audi’s LED matrix light which can emit 60 Watts of blinding which can either attract people or force them to move away from you. The shield dresses in black and white boasts Audi’s ultrasonic rangefinder sensors that respond to human proximity. The projection map dress inspired by Audi’s virtual cockpit allows the wearer to project lights on the ceiling and floor as a form of self-expression.
3D printed dresses from Audi car parts 3
The dresses are going to be showcased in Berlin, Milan, Beijing and London’s flagship Audi store.
3D printed dresses from Audi car parts 4

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