Gamers can ditch their Armani for this Pac-Man suit

While corporate suits stick to solids, plaids and pin-stripes, expressing truly charismatic traits are only left to neckties. While they hardly get the point across without seeing like ‘trying too hard’, OppoSuits has dropped something that with intentions that are plainly loud and clear. The Pac-Man Suit would leave a bad taste with most urban outfitters but for those seeking exclusivity at a gaming summit in Japan, this one would fit right in.

OppoSuits is a company that has consistently provided with some interesting designs and thematics for those who would like to throw in some life into the world of suiting. The suit, tie and trouser ensemble carries the typical interface of the Pac-Man game, complete with the maze-like grid, ghosts and a number of Pac-Men all across the seam. This would make viewing the coat or the wearer a difficult task but what it does put into place is the perspective of just how loyal an 8-bit fan, the wearer really is.
OppoSuits was founded in 2012 and has won its place in the hearts of the radically dressed. From Halloween coats to a suit completely coated with cannabis leaf patterns, the company has shocked and surprised the world of fashion. Why not?

[ Via : Boredpanda ]

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