German eyewear brand- Mykita and Leica come together for an exclusive sunglasses collection

When two tech-oriented German marquees come together, you expect nothing short of spectacular results! And that is pretty much what resulted out of a collaboration between eyewear brand- Mykita and Leica who recently unveiled an awe-inspiring collection of sunglasses for those who love them chic and stylish!

Each piece in the ensemble feature optical-grade lenses and reflects upon the common love of the brands for precision and quality. The range equips handcrafted stainless steel with Mylon – a newly designed material from MYKITA that’s made using 3D printing technology, in the form of hybrid frames. The Mylon-make versions also feature an ingenious top bar that functions to protect the wearer’s eyes from overhead sun rays by closing the gap between the brow and the frame.

In addition to the Mylon frames, the collection also includes all-stainless-steel variants which feature red-lacquered edges (as also seen in other Leica products) to peripheral light anomalies and disturbances. Each of the pieces further offer 100% UV protection with polarized lens options and showcase either of the two lenses which have specially been designed for the collection.

Characteristically, the Mykita X Leica frames bear a geometric shape on the lenses and come in a muted color palette of black, silver, taupe grey, and lacquered red accents. The exclusive eyewear collection is slated to go on sale onward June 2020 and will be available in both MYKITA and Leica stores as well as online.

[Via: Highsnobiety]

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